OX-ON Worker Comfort 2307

The OX-ON Worker Comfort 2307 is a comfortable, high quality work glove for professional use, e.g. metalworking or industry, or at home. The glove is made of 100% goatskin for a soft and flexible work glove. Provides ideal comfort with a cotton liner and can be used indoors as well as outside. OX-ON Worker Comfort 2302 is also a great bet for riding or driving.

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OX-ON Worker Comfort 2308

The OX-ON Worker Comfort 2308 is an extremely comfortable and flexible glove designed for technicians when good dexterity and protection are needed, e.g. for assembly, industry, warehousing or garden. This is a light work glove that fits well and Velcro closure for a tight fit around the wrist. The back of the hand is in elastane for good flexibility. Worker Comfort 2308 is made of flexible goatskin for good dexterity and the necessary protection. A work glove that can be used in many situations and is highly durable for professional or private use.

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OX-ON Worker Supreme 2607

The OX-ON Worker Supreme 2607 is an exclusive technician's glove for working with e.g. assembly, simple industry, in warehousing or even in the garden. A glove that is soft and flexible and gives the best fit possible, which means it can be used for long periods without any problem. Originally called the OX-ON Nippon, the glove that introduced new standards for technician's gloves in industry. Palm, thumbs and fingertips are made in soft goatskin and retain good dexterity. A thin cotton lining is included in the palm for extra comfort. Provides great mobility and flexibility. Velcro closure at the wrist ensures a well-functioning glove with ideal fit. Every detail for Worker Supreme 2607 is intended to provide a high performance quality glove.

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OX-ON Worker Supreme 2609

The OX-ON Worker Supreme 2609 is an exclusive technician's glove for such purposes as metalworking, warehousing/packing, or simply for hobby projects at home. Made of 100% goatskin for the ideal combination of strength and flexibility. Great fit and comfort thanks to the stitched back of the hand and cotton lining. Worker Supreme 2609 has quality down to the smallest detail, and with the popular vintage colors, this is a glove that stands out from others in both durability and style.

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