ARACUT 14 cut-protective sleeves Cut 3

ARACUT 14 cut-protective sleeves in kevlar in cut 3. Length 35 cm. Heat-resistant. EN388

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Honeywell ARACUT LAT CE 10

Cut-resistant knitted glove in 100% Kevlar. Finger dipped in blue latex. Heat-resistant. Good fingertip touch sensitivity. Cut 5. Length 26 cm. Approval: EN407 and EN388

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Honeywell Electrosoft Class 0 CE 10

Honeywell Electrosoft Class 0. Beige latex glove with smooth surface. Protects up to 1,000 volts/class 0. Length 36 cm. Thickness 1 mm. Wearing leather gloves is recommended to provide higher mechanical protection.

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OX-ON Vibration 12000

The OX-ON Vibration 12000 is the quality glove for anyone working with vibrating tools and machines, such as mechanics, carpenters, contractors, bricklayers or in connection with construction or demolition work. One of the best anti-vibration gloves on the market, as can be seen in terms of extremely good comfort and quality. The back of the hand is made of a combination of polyester, nylon and elastane, which gives full flexibility. The glove's palm and fingers are coated with MicroZeal for excellent grip. Also features anti-vibration foam as a unique feature with a special long-acting effect to reduce the harmful effects of work. Vibration 12000 counteracts white finger, i.e. prevents poor blood circulation in the fingers. Certified according to EN ISO 10819, ensuring an anti-vibration glove in a class of its own, with Velcro closure on the wrist for easy adjustment. NB: Only recommended for use with vibrating tools such as plate vibrators, abrasive tools, concrete hammers and hedge trimmers.

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Puncture Assembly Leather

Plug-resistant glove. Designed for manual dexterity and resistance to puncturing and pointed objects. SupraBlock Stop in the palm. The fingertips provide high cutting and puncturing resistance. Cut level 5. Goatskin with a polyester/cotton lining. Approval: Category II: EN420 EN388

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