OX-ON Eyewear Goggle Supreme Clear

OX-ON Eyewear Goggles Supreme Clear with clear lenses are safety approved goggles of a very high quality. The goggles are anti-fog coated making them highly suitable for environments with high humidity and condensation. At the same time a number of special indirect ventilation holes prevent dust and liquids from entering under the goggles. OX-ON Eyewear Goggles Supreme Clear are manufactured in scratch and impact-resistant polycarbonate, and the lens provides you with 99.9% UV protection. The frame is made from a soft close-fitting material that adapts itself to your face. The OX-ON safety goggles are fitted with an adjustable elastic that you can quickly and easily adapt in connection with your work. Furthermore, the frame is manufactured in an ultra lightweight design, which makes it comfortable to use over a longer period of time. The safety goggles can be worn over ordinary and common glasses.

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OX-ON Eyewear Welder Comfort

OX-ON Eyewear Welder Comfort are affordable, comfortable and safety approved welding goggles with ventilation. The welding goggles are provided with a hinged welding attachment and you can easily use Welder Comfort together with ordinary glasses. The frame is made of soft material, which makes the welding goggles pleasant and comfortable for you to wear. The goggles have an adjustable elastic band, which allows for an easy and individual adaptation. Furthermore, in the frame you have a built-in indirect ventilation that prevents fogging of the goggles during your work. OX-ON Eyewear Welder Comfort are provided with 50 mm lenses, which provide DIN 5 in protection.

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