3M 1100 earplugs

Soft-PU earplugs Sealed in pairs in plastic bags. Contents: 200 pairs per dispenser, packed in pairs SNR: 31 / H:31 M:27 L:24 Approval: EN 352

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E-A-R Classic earplug

The classic EAR Classic earplug that effectively blocks harmful and disruptive sounds. Contents: 250 pairs per dispenser, packed in pairs. SNR: 28 / H:30 M:24 L:22 Approval. EN 352

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Ear Soft Neon Earplugs

Earplugs in an environmentally friendly and comfortable PU foam material. Contents: 250 pairs per dispenser. SNR: 36 / H:36 M:34 L:31 Approval: EN 352

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Laser Lite refill earplugs

Laser Lite refill. The self-adaptive PU foam expands so the earplug actually fits any user. The rounded t-shape makes placement and removal easy. Contents: 200 pairs, loosely packed. SNR: 35 / H:34 M:32 L:31 Approval: EN 352

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OX-ON Disposable Earplugs Comfort, 200 pairs

OX-ON Disposable Earplugs Comfort 200 pairs is a box with 200 pairs of one-size earplugs packed in pairs in barcoded bags. With OX-ON Disposable Earplugs Comfort you get an ergonomically shaped and extremely comfortable PU-foam earplug in a high quality. Design and material ensure that the earplug always adapts perfectly to your ear canal. The conical design of the earplug will let you experience it as user-friendly and easy to insert into the ear canal. At the same time, PU is an extremely hygienic material, as it has a smooth and dirt-resistant surface. Moreover, OX-ON Earplugs Comfort have a very high attenuation value (SNR value) of 37 dB. High frequency: 36 dB Medium frequency: 34 dB Low frequency: 33 dB

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UVEX Dispenser "One2click" w/X-fit earplugs

The UVEX One2Click Dispenser contains 600 pairs of UVEX X-fit earplugs. The dispenser is extremely easy to mount and also easy to use. A tray is fitted on the bottom of the dispenser to ensure that the earplugs do not fall onto the floor. The green X-fit earplugs have an SNR value of 37 dB. To refill the dispenser: UVEX X-fit refill packs containing 300 pairs of plugs (2112022)

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