E-A-RCap earmuffs with earplugs

Light-weight earmuffs (8 grams) that can hang around the neck when not used. The cushions can be easily removed and cleaned. SNR: 23 / H:27 M:19 L:17. Approval: EN 352 loose plugs: item no. 306.06

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Howard Leight earplug on the muff

Earmuffs with extra soft plugs that sit on the outside of the ear. Fantastic comfort. The patented muff design prevents the plugs coming in contact with dirty surfaces. Light-weight earmuffs that can be taken anywhere. Designed specially for environments with irregular and periodic noise. SNR: 23 / H:25 M:19 L:17 Approval: EN 352 (Loose earplugs: Item no. 3301183)

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Loose earplugs for E-A-RCap

Replacement plugs for EAR Caps (item no.: 306.05). Contents: 10 pairs. SNR: 23 / H:27 M:19 L:17 Approval: EN 352

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OX-ON Earcap Comfort

OX-ON Banded Earplugs Comfort is an affordable, lightweight banded earplug for you, who are periodically exposed to noise when you work professionally or at home. This banded earplug can be put on and taken off quickly, and the replaceable PU earplugs give you great comfort and seal tightly at the ear canal opening. The band is placed under the chin or around the neck where it does not bother you and therefore it feels light and flexible to wear. This banded earplug has an extraordinary high attenuation value compared to other banded earplugs in the market. OX-ON Banded Earplugs Comfort has a attenuation value (SNR value) of 30 dB. High frequency: 32 dB Medium frequency: 26 dB Low frequency: 24 dB OX-ON Banded Earplugs Comfort makes it easy and comfortable for you to protect your hearing when you are exposed to noise, and you can easily buy loose replacement pods for the model. (Art. no. 306.88) NB: See instructions for choice of hearing protection with the proper attenuation value. (Use the following link)

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OX-ON Replacement Pods Comfort, 5 pairs

Polyurethane OX-ON earplugs. 5 pairs per bag. Fits the OX-ON Banded Earplugs Comfort, article no. 306.86. Accreditation: EN 352.

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