OX-ON Hobby Earmuffs AM/FM Radio Basic

OX-ON Hobby Earmuffs AM/FM Radio Basic are for you, who want a pleasant and affordable radio earmuff, which allows you to listen to the radio while you work. With this model, you get a functional foldable earmuff that is easy to bring along and that therefore does not require much storage space. Hobby Earmuffs Basic give you extra comfort due to the extremely soft ear cushions. In addition, you can adjust the headband to fit your head perfectly. When you want to listen to the radio, it is easy to choose a station and turn up and down the volume on the volume control button. The antenna is short and flexible so it will not bother you. To play the radio you must use 2 pcs. AA batteries, which are not included. OX-ON Hobby Earmuffs AM/FM Radio Basic have a attenuation value (SNR value) of 25 dB. High frequency: 29 dB Medium frequency: 21 dB Low frequency: 14 dB With Hobby Earmuffs Basic you get a functional earmuff at an affordable price and music in your ears while you work. NB: See instructions for choice of earmuffs with the proper attenuation value. (Use the following link)

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