6 x 30 ml eye wash stations

Board for wall mounting containing 6 bottles of 30 ml sterile 0.9% isotonic sodium chloride solution. Contents: 226805 refill for eye wash station

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Cederroth Eye Wash Pocket Model

A pocket-size personal eye wash. With an ergonomic eye cup and a generous flow of liquid. Opens using a single hand movement. 0.9% sterile isotonic sodium chloride solution. For one-time use.

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Cederroth Wall Bracket for Eye Wash

Robust and practical wall bracket. The bottle is held in the wall bracket. The wall bracket opens automatically when the bottle is twisted out of the bracket. An afterglowing instruction sign is included.

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OPTI-SAFE Eyewash, 500 ml

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Plum Eye wash 200 ml NaCl steril

Use to wash eyes that have been contaminated with acid or nitrogen base. A handy little bottle containing 4.9% sterile phosphate buffer to neutralize fluid in the eye in the event of a chemical accident The bottle is easy to carry around in the specially designed belt bag, in a first aid box, in a toolbox, and so on. Can also be inserted in a wall holder. Comes with an ergonomic eye cup, dust cap and a detailed user guide on the label. Washing time: Approx. 2 minutes.

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Plum eye wash station, 2 x 500 ml.

Eye wash station containing 2 x 500 ml bottles with ergonomic eye cup. Equipped with detailed instructions. Can be operated by one person. Filling: 338.78 500 ml Plum eye wash with eye cup or 338.85 500 ml Plum eye wash without eye cup

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Wall bracket for one 338.06 bottle

Wall bracket for one 250 ml eye rinse spray. The bracket comes without eye wash spray. Filling: 338.06: 250 ml eye wash spray

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