OX-ON Worker Basic 2006

OX-ON Worker Basic 2006 is the glove for you, who need an extremely durable work glove with good protection in the palm and around the wrist when carrying out hard work, for example felt roofing, in agriculture, forestry or transport. Palm, thumb and fingertips are made in split oxhide, which makes the glove more durable and at the same time gives it a heat-resistant effect. The palm is also provided with an additional wearing surface in robust and flexible oxhide. The back of the hand consists of breathable cotton, which gives you excellent comfort and flexibility. Furthermore, this glove has a strong gauntlet cuff, which provides extra protection for your wrist. Worker Basic 2006 is a work glove that meets very high demands on quality.

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OX-ON Worker Comfort 2305

The OX-ON Worker Comfort 2305 is an exceptional choice for such uses as agriculture, industry or metalworking, when a rugged and heat-resistant work glove is needed. The back of the hand at Worker Comfort 2305 features split leather for protection from sparks and heat. The rest of the glove is made of cowhide, which is a strong and durable material. The OX-ON glove also has a gauntlett cuff, which protects the wrist while keeping the glove shape intact. Worker Comfort 2305 is a highly durable glove that provides good protection in most work situations.

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OX-ON Worker Comfort 2306

The OX-ON Worker Comfort 2306 is a highly comfortable and protective glove, e.g. for working with CO2 welding or heavier industrial work. If you are looking for a good barbecue glove, this model is also worth considering. Split leather on the back of the hand and palm makes the glove resistant to sparks and heat. Tested and approved for contact heat up to 250 degrees. Worker Comfort 2306 is lined with cotton, which makes it comfortable to wear for long periods. Therefore provides excellent protection for the hand and forearm while ensuring a great fit. Worker Comfort 2306 is great value for money and a durable glove that gives extra protection.

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OX-ON Worker Supreme 2603

The OX-ON Worker Supreme 2603 is a durable quality glove for you heavier jobs in industry and agriculture, for example, metalworking. The back of the hand is made of durable split leather with a heat-resistant effect. Suitable for metalworking and other work involving heat and sparks. The palm, thumb and index finger are made of cowhide for a sturdy and durable work glove. Worker Supreme 2603 has quality down to the smallest detail. The glove is sewn with durable Kevlar thread, which last longer than ordinary thread. Cotton-lined for ideal comfort. Provides wrist solid protection from the gauntlet cuff and which ensures that the glove keeps its shape.

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OX-ON Worker Supreme 2604

The OX-ON Worker Supreme 2604 is a quality glove for metalworking or machine operators. A sturdy glove with split leather for top protection from heat and sparks. The 14 cm gauntlet cuff protects well up the forearm. Worker Supreme 2604 is a sturdy work glove with thick cowhide in the palm, thumb and index finger add to the high level of safety. Great fit thanks to the cotton lining, a pleasure to wear for jobs that take time to do. Quality is reflected in every detail, right down to the Kevlar thread, which is stronger and more durable than ordinary threads.

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OX-ON Worker Supreme 2605 CE 10

The OX-ON Worker Supreme 2605 is for CO2 welding or heavier work in welding and industry. A heat-resistant glove that offers good protection for most of the forearm. Also offers remarkable comfort thanks to being lined with soft cotton. Worker Supreme 2605 comes with highest quality and carefully selected materials. Sewn with Kevlar thread, which is flame-retardant and more durable than traditional thread. Leather palm ensures ideal flexibility and comfort. Tested and approved for contact heat up to 250 degrees, which also makes it a perfect barbecue glove. In other words, the Worker Supreme is the ideal glove for welding or grilling.

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