OX-ON Earmuffs H2 Comfort

Product Description

OX-ON Earmuffs H2 Comfort is for you, who work in a moderate to high noise level environment and who want to attach the earmuffs directly on your safety helmet. The model is manufactured in impact-resistant ABS material, which gives you robust earmuffs that at the same time feels comfortable to wear. The oval cups are designed specifically to ensure an optimal fit. You will also find that there is plenty of room for your ears, and that the soft ear cushions fit closely around your ears. The earmuffs is designed to be fixed on a helmet in a 30 mm slot slit and thus fits most common helmet types in the market. The stainless spring steel helmet bracket gives a pleasant pressure. Therefore, you can work while wearing the earmuffs for a longer period of time, and with a weight of just 300 grams it feels light to wear. OX-ON Earmuffs H2 Comfort have a attenuation value (SNR value) of 30 dB. High frequency: 31 dB Medium frequency: 28 dB Low frequency: 21 dB H2 Comfort is easy to attach on helmets and gives you a good protection even in high noise level environments. NB: See instructions for choice of earmuffs with the proper attenuation value. (Use the following link)