OX-ON A/S has a large number of suppliers and partners that we are proud to work with. They all have the commonality of holding up to our stringent requirements for quality. This applies both in relation to the products and guidance. We have chosen the best suppliers so that we can offer you the best products. All of the products that you can get through us live up to the requirements of various branches and authorities.



ATG Glove Solutions



ATG is one of the leading producers of nitrile-coated knitted gloves. With these, you get gloves of the highest quality with a focus on top class raw materials. ATG has historically been very innovative and has developed gloves that have an entirely unique fit and breatheability that is in a class by itself.





Towa produces, i.a., knitted latex and nitrile-coated gloves. The products are of the highest quality and are produced at Towa's own factories. The products are heavily focused on quality and functionality and are some of the market's absolute best.





3M has the widest range of particles filtering face masks, half and full face masks with replaceable filters, turbo respiratory protection and self-contained breathing apparatus for the broadest possible range of industrial and other uses. All breathing protection is developed for the toughest work environments and conditions.




Dräger has a complete line of products in personal safety such as easy respiratory protection. The products are developed to provide maximum possible safety to users and likewise there is always a focus on comfort during use.




Recently, Uvex extended its assortment to cover from head to toe. We now are launching the newest item from Uvex-filter masks. The masks are of high quality but at the same time have an attractive price. As with all of other Uvex products, the emphasis is on both safety and quality, but also comfort to a high degree. 


Howard Leight by Honeywell



Howard Leight is a part of Honeywell, the world's largest company that deals solely with personal protective equipment. Howard Leight offers products of the highest quality in terms of both earmuffs and ear plugs. Peltor/3M Peltor, a Swedish producer of hearing protection, is now a part of 3M. Peltor/3M is among the world leaders in safety products. Hearing protection is only fully effective if used and therefore Peltor always strives to create the most comfortable hearing protection on the market. Uvex Uvex is one of the world's leading producers of personal protective equipment and currently has around 2,000 employees worldwide. Uvex offers many types of plugs, including 'active' plugs that in addition to protecting hearing they also ensure that the user maintains high sound quality. The user can can hear speech without having to remove the plugs and thus expose their hearing to risk. 





Uvex is one of the world's leading producers of safety glasses. What is unique about glasses from Uvex is their coating technology which increases the durability of the glasses.




3M is one of the world's leaders in safety products. 3M is considered a leader in eye protection. It offers an extensive range of sporty eye protection and protective and safety glasses. 





Balance helmets are produced in Sweden by GROLLS (earlier named Björnkläder AB). GROLLS produces proven products that live up to the same high standards every time. Therefore, Balance helmets are the most utilised helmets in Scandinavia today. In addition to compatibility with accessories and spare parts from GROLLS, Balance helmets are fully compatible with products from several other suppliers such as hearing protection products from Honeywell. Uvex Inspired by nature and a desire to protect the worker, Uvex has developed a unique and innovative range of protective helmets for environments in which there is the greatest risk for workplace accidents. Unex is one the world's leading producers of personal protective equipment.



Peltor/3M is one of the world's leading producers of safety products. 3M's goal is to develop and use safety products that have the lowest risk for affecting people, the environment and the workplace. With continued product development and innovation, Peltor offers a first-class selection of head protection and head protection accessories. 




Miller represents quality products for the professional user with a focus on functionality. Miller is produced by the renowned Sperian/Honeywell Protection, which is an international producer and distributor of fall protection products, and other brands in personal safety such as Honeywell and Howard Leight. Sperian/Honeywell Protection is from U.S.A. and has offices/warehouses on different continents. OX-ON A/S is serviced from its Nordic office located in Sweden.