In recent years, there has been more focus on safety and protection in terms of the use of products that come in contact with the skin. Therefore, we at OX-ON choose to start a dialogue on some of the issues related to this problem.


Many work gloves are made of synthetic fibres, i.e. chemicals. On the EU side, there is increased focus on consumer protection and legal requirements for harmful substance content, and this also applies to work gloves.

In textiles and leather the focus is on, i.a., Azo colours, phthalates, chromium and fillers such as PAH/PAK.

In addition, the requirements for children's products such as children's gloves have recently been included in and controlled with regulations, and it is important that documentation can be provided that the product is tested and approved.     

At OX-ON, we are conscious of our social responsibility. In order to be able to offer safe products, we have established close collaboration with the accredited testing institute Hanse Control, which conducts intensive tests and inspections which ensure that OX-ON work gloves do not contain harmful substances.

The collaboration has proven to be a necessity because it gives a clear picture of the relationship between the cheapest raw materials and the higher risk of harmful chemicals content, etc.

It is through our rigorous testing that we have managed to eliminate this risk while avoiding having the goods become noticeably more expensive. However, we are left with a single unresolved challenge which is a challenge for all who import leather products.


To preserve leather, the tanning industry uses chromium (III), which is considered to be safe.

But through an unknown chemical process, chromium (III) can change to chromium (VI) which is on the REACH list of harmful substances. The change typically occurs a long time after tanning has taken place and is believed to be due to the fact that after unpacking, leather is exposed to elements of light, temperature changes or altered humidity.

This theory is supported by both chemists and leather experts and is the reason that over the last few years, nearly all forms of leather goods have been withdrawn from the market. 

This has unfortunately often been to the detriment of dealers' reputations due to negative press.

At OX-ON, we expect to see increased control of harmful substances (including chromium (VI) in leather) and therefore we recommend replacing chromium tanned leather gloves with either gloves made of plastic or leather gloves in which the tanning process does not involve the use of chromium, as in our OX-ON ECO line chromium-free leather gloves.

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