How to decode an OX-ON work glove


A work glove from OX-ON is labeled so you can easily get an overview of the glove's properties.


See how we label our gloves:

  • OX-ON logo
  • Glove name or number
  • Size
  • CE mark
  • Category I, II or III
  • Pictogram showing what the glove protects against
  • Test values and reference



User manual for work gloves

Your work gloves always have instructions which are in the pack or should be available in the workplace.
The user manual contains at least the following information:

    • Name and address of the manufacturer/importer
    • The glove's name
    • The glove's size
    • EN standard
    • Explanation of pictograms
    • Information on storage and cleaning
    • Required information on any restrictions, or whether the materials can cause allergies.
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