EN 407 - Gloves for protection from thermal risks

If your work glove is marked with EN407, it is certified and approved for protection against, for example, contact heat, radiant heat or molten metal.

All OX-ON work gloves meet the requirements of EU standard EN388:2016 (protective gloves against mechanical risks). Gloves that have been tested and approved must be marked with the "hammer pictogram".

Thermal risks arise from heat-related work such as welding and annealing work.

Below the pictogram, the level of protection is shown with the numbers 1-4 (The higher the number is below the EN mark, the better the protective result the glove has).
What the glove specifically protects against is marked with the letters A-F.

Here you can see all the test values that an EN407 standard comprises:

Protection level Concrete test 1 2 3 4

After-burn time
Post-glow time

≤ 20s
no requirement
≤ 10s
≤ 120s
≤ 3s
≤ 25s 
≤ 2s
≤ 5s
B Contact heat
(temperature and threshold)

≥ 15s

≥ 15s

≥ 15s 
≥ 15s
C Convection heat/Insulation properties
(heat transfer index)
≥ 4s ≥ 7s ≥ 10s ≥ 18s
D Radiant heat
(heat transfer)
≥ 7s ≥ 20s ≥ 50s ≥ 95s
E Molten metal
(small drops)
≥ 10 drops ≥ 15 drops ≥ 25 drops ≥ 35 drops
F Molten metal
(large splashes/mass)
30g 60g 120g 200g

≤ = less than       ≥ = more than

= The manufacturer has chosen not to do the concrete test.

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