OX-ON Eco Supreme 7601

  • Product number: 069.08
  • Amount in package: 6 pairs


  • Chrome 6 free (hypoallergenic)

  • Soft and flexible goatskin

  • Nail reinforcement

  • Velcro closure

  • Environmentally friendly (tanned with vegetable oil)


EN standards

The OX-ON Eco Supreme 7601 is for allergic and environmentally conscious wearers who need a quality glove for carpentry or warehouse work, assembly, horticulture or gardening. Free of chrome 6, avoiding harmful substances that can cause allergic reactions and eczema. Tanned with vegetable oil extra for consideration for the environment. The Eco Supreme 7601 is made of soft and smooth goatskin in the palm, thumb and knuckle and nail reinforcement. The back of the hand contains elastane, providing the ideal combination of mobility and flexibility. The Velcro closure at the wrist ensures a stable and comfortable fit and prevents dust and dirt from getting inside to your hand. Eco Supreme 7601 is the environmentally friendly glove choice for the quality conscious user.


Size Art. no. DB No. EAN no. FINFO no.
CE 08 069.08 5309856 5701952069088 4804331
CE 09 069.09 5309811 5701952069095 4804332
CE 10 069.10 5309813 5701952069101 4804333
CE 11 069.11 5309814 5701952069118 4804334


Minimum order box cll
6 pairs 6 pairs 72 pairs