OX-ON Eco Supreme 7603

  • Product number: 92960
  • Amount in package: 6 pairs


  • Chrome 6 free (hypoallergenic)

  • Soft and supple goat skin

  • Nail reinforcement

  • Slip-on function

  • Eco-friendly (tanned with vegetable oil)


EN standards

OX-ON Eco Supreme 7603 is for you, who are allergy and environmentally conscious and who need a classic and consistent quality glove with slip-on feature and leather all over the hand. The glove is highly suitable for example for carpentry or warehouse work, assembly, horticultural work or work in your own garden. The glove is chromium 6-free, which means that you avoid harmful substances that may cause allergies and eczema. If you are conscious about the environment, you will also appreciate that this model is tanned with vegetable oil. Eco Supreme 7603 is made of soft and flexible goatskin, and the convenient slip-on feature allows you to quickly put on and take off your gloves. Eco Supreme 7603 is the environmentally friendly glove of choice for the quality-conscious user.


Size Art. no. DB No. EAN no. FINFO no.
CE 10 92960 2075984 5701952929603 7281265
CE 07 92957 2075985 5701952929573 7281262
CE 08 92958 2075986 5701952929580 7281263
CE 09 92959 2075987 5701952929597 7281264
CE 11 92961 2075988 5701952929610 7281266


Minimum order box cll
6 pairs 6 pairs 72 pairs