OX-ON NBR Basic 8000

  • Product number: 180.57
  • Amount in package: 12 pairs


  • Suitable for work in wet environments

  • Affordable

  • Solid grip


EN standards

The OX-ON NBR Basic 8000 is the affordable glove for working in wet environments, such as wastewater, masonry or construction work, waste disposal, construction, transportation or industry. The palm, fingers and all the way up to the knuckles are covered with yellow NBR nitrile for a firm grip when working in wet environments. The back of the hand is made of cotton which feels comfortable on your hand and makes it possible for the skin to breathe. The glove's knitted cuff closes snugly around the wrist and provides a particularly good fit. The NBR Basic 8000 is a functional and durable work glove that retains dexterity and protection whilst working.


Size Art. no. DB No. EAN no. FINFO no.
CE 07 180.57 5631385 5701952180578 4529929
CE 08 180.58 5631386 5701952180585 4529930
CE 09 180.59 5631388 5701952180592 4529931
CE 10 180.60 5631389 5701952180608 4529932
CE 11 180.61 5273896 5701952180615 4804376


Minimum order box cll
12 pairs 12 pairs 144 pairs