OX-ON NBR Comfort 8300

  • Product number: 180.69
  • Amount in package: 12 pairs


  • Oil resistant and liquid tight

  • Extremely durable

  • Knitted cuff

  • Very good grip

  • Knuckle-dipped blue nitrile coating


EN standards

The OX-ON NBR Comfort 8300 is an extremely durable glove for working in wet environments, such as wastewater, masonry or construction work, waste disposal, construction, transportation or industry. The glove is liquid-tight to keep fingers dry. This blue NBR nitrile work glove also gives an exceptionally good grip on e.g. oiled items. The nitrile coating covers both the palm and fingers all the way up to the knuckles. The back of the hand is made of cotton for comfort and breathability. The NBR Comfort 8300 has a knitted cuff for a tight and stable fit.


Size Art. no. DB No. EAN no. FINFO no.
CE 09 180.69 1911671 5701952180691 6735154
CE 10 180.70 5631390 5701952180707 4529933
CE 11 180.71 5148039 5701952180714 4529934


Minimum order box cll
12 pairs 12 pairs 144 pairs