OX-ON NBR Comfort 8301

  • Product number: 180.80
  • Amount in package: 12 pairs


  • Oil resistant and liquid tight

  • Extremely durable

  • Fully-dipped blue nitrile coating

  • Very good grip

  • 7 cm gauntlet cuff


EN standards

The OX-ON NBR Comfort 8301 is an extremely durable glove for working in wet environments, e.g. masonry or wastewater, construction work, waste disposal, construction, tanker transportation or industry. The glove is fully-dipped in heavy blue nitrile, which protects the skin and keeps fingers dry. It also ensures excellent grip when working with greasy and oily items. The NRB Comfort 8301 also features a 7 cm gauntlet cuff for extra protection on the wrist while still making it easy to put on and take off.


Size Art. no. DB No. EAN no. FINFO no.
CE 10 180.80 5783604 5701952180806 4529936
CE 11 180.81 1999364 5701952180813 6198621


Minimum order box cll
12 pairs 12 pairs 144 pairs