OX-ON Mask FFP2 NR D Basic

  • Product number: 313.16
  • Amount in package: 1 box


  • Suitable for work in dusty environments

  • Extremely low breathing resistance

  • Affordable

  • Aluminium nose bridge

  • Latex-free elastic band

  • 2 pcs. masks per box.


EN standards

OX-ON Mask FFP2NR D Basic is the safety approved filtrating single-use mask, which you can use when working with hazardous dry particles and liquid aerosols with a Workplace Exposure Limit (WEL) <5 mg/m3 (max. concentration 10 x WEL). You can for example use the affordable disposable mask when you are grinding wood, metal, stone and plastic, and also when working with lead/copper-free paint as well as water-based colour spray paint. The mask is dolomite tested, which means that you get a filter with a particularly large dust capacity with slowly increasing resistance. The sealing soft foam rubber at the nose as well as the mouldable aluminium nose bridge ensure you a perfect and comfortable adaptation to your face. The elastic band of the mask is latex-free. You get 2 pcs. masks per box.


Size Art. no. DB No. EAN no. FINFO no.
One size 313.16 5946441 5701952313167 4529514


Minimum order box box
1 box 1 box 12 boxes