ATG Gloves

OX-ON is the exclusive Danish distributor of ATG® - a world-renowned registered trademark in the area of work gloves. ATG develops and manufactures gloves focusing on innovation, quality and design. The goal is to improve the performance of the hand.

ATG Glove Series

ATG gloves are characterized by being skin friendly, extremely comfortable and very durable. ATG's proRange® assortment consists of four series:
  • MaxiFlex
  • MaxiCut
  • MaxiDry
  • MaxiChem

ATG's Technology Platforms

ATG manufactures gloves in accordance with some special patented properties known as ATG's technology platforms.

ATG AirTech

ATG AIRTECH® - Gives you increased breathability

AIRtech® is designed and developed to improve your glove by eliminating the heat that builds up inside the glove. AIRtech® is built into the coating through a patented micro-foam nitrile coating, which ensures high breathability. Cool hands are happier, safer and more productive.


ATG CutTech

ATG CUTTECH® - For cut resistance

CUTtech® combines and blends high quality yarns and fibers in order to create different cut resistance levels and thus high comfort.



ATG DuraTech

ATG DURATECH® - Gives your working glove a longer life

DURAatech® is a technology platform that makes gloves last longer. Why? Because durable gloves simply make good financial sense. ATG's gloves are designed to be washed. That way, you can take full advantage of the amazing durability.


ATG ErgoTech
ATG ERGOTECH® - Perfect fit for your hand

ERGOtech® is designed, developed and integrated into ATG's gloves in order to imitate the natural contours of the hand, thus providing great flexibility, dexterity and ability to feel things. This results in a really good user experience.


ATG GripTech

ATG GRIPTECH® - Reduces fatigue in your hands

A good grip increases safety. ATG's GRIPtech® "micro-cup" finish improves your grip properties, thus making handling safer. In addition, fatigue in the hands associated with having a poor grip is reduced.


ATG LiquiTech

ATG LIQUITECH® - For protection from oils, liquids and chemicals

Many work areas today include handling different grades of fluids, including water, oils and many chemicals. LIQUItech® the barrier has been designed to protect you. It is characterized by a coating technology that is both industry-leading and unique to ATG®. It ensures that flexible, lightweight coatings are applied to very fine, seamless, knit linings with different coating weights.

Coating and seamless knitting technologies can be combined so that the glove is water resistant and has either high or low resistance to chemicals while retaining tremendous comfort levels not normally associated with water-resistant or chemical-resistant gloves.



ATG THERMTECH® - For protection against heat or cold

THERMtech® combines coating and seamless knitting technologies that impart thermal insulation properties so the gloves can withstand heat and cold. ATG® has internal state-of-the-art craft facilities where heat-resistant yarn is blended with fibers to produce products with special thermal insulation properties without compromising flexibility, dexterity, weight or comfort.




AD-APT® - Keep your hands dry in an intelligent way

ATG's MaxiFlex® glove with AD-APT® is the most intelligent way to keep your hands dry, cool and productive when wearing gloves. If your hands have ever sweated or gotten hot inside a glove, a MaxiFlex® glove with AD-APT® Technology is the right glove for you. AD-APT® technology cools the hands, but does not affect the body's natural ability to control its temperature, also called thermoregulation.





























































ATG's HandCare® Program

ATG's HandCare® program is integrated in all ATG® products. This ensures that your professional gloves are "dermatologically safe" and that the environmental aspects behind the production of ATG gloves are solid, robust and sustainable.




ATG Gloves comply with the EU REACH Directive

ATG meets the requirements of the manufacturing processes set out in the EU REACH Regulation (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals). ATG guarantees that none of their products today or in the future will contain particularly problematic substances (listed in the Candidate List).



ATG Gloves are Oeko-Tex certified

ATG is Oeko-certified and guarantees that all gloves are "fresh straight from the package". After manufacturing, the gloves are washed to ensure further purity. During this washing process, ATG only uses rainwater that has been treated and continuously recycled from its own water treatment plant certified by the Oeko-Tex® Association.




ATG Gloves are Sanitized

ATG uses Sanitized in all their glove programs. Sanitized acts as a deodorant to help you minimize bad odor and keep your gloves fresher for longer. ATG uses a specific Sanitized quality without triclosan because this drug is suspected of being an endocrine disruptor.



ATG Gloves are recognized by the Skin Health Alliance

ATG gloves are dermatologically recognized by the Skin Health Alliance, which is the leading international authority in the field of healthy skin. The Skin Health Alliance symbol gives you the assurance that your ATG work gloves are "dermatologically safe" and that the science behind them is justified.





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