Gloves and hand sweat

Sweat is the body's cooling mechanism. From birth we are equipped with sweat glands all over the body, including the palms and fingers. Hand sweat helps ensure a good grip, but too much hand sweat gives the opposite effect.

When you wear work gloves, your hands sweat. The development of hand sweat is mainly dependent on two things:

  • The material. What are the gloves made of?
  • The time. How long should you wear gloves?


Leather gloves - best for hand sweat

Leather gloves are optimal for absorbing sweat, whereas the majority of synthetic gloves do not absorb very well. However, leather can have other unfortunate consequences.

Read more about Chromium VI in leather and the consequences here


Flex gloves - breathability matters

In the new types of flex gloves, there is a big difference in how heat generation is conducted through the material.

Some are quite dense and others are very breathable. And breathability has major significance for your well-being and the development of sweat.


Dipped gloves - hand sweat produces bad odor

Dipped gloves are often discarded due to bad odor caused by sweat – and not because they are worn out. Some gloves are Sanitized® treated. This means that they are able to break down the bacteria that cause the sweat odor.


Chemical-resistant gloves – require extra protection

For protection against chemicals, it is necessary to use tight-fitting gloves made of rubber, nitrile or the like.


Inner glove – absorbs hand sweat

For the absorption of sweat, a thin cotton inner glove can be used in the strongest gloves, which can be changed as needed. It extends the life of your work gloves.



Sweat can dissolve your gloves

Sweat consists primarily of water and salt, but you should be aware that when the sweat is excreted, it becomes a mild form of acid that can release residual chemicals from, for example, your work glove. These chemical residues can be absorbed through the skin.

We therefore recommend that you change your gloves regularly and choose gloves that have been manufactured under safe and controlled conditions.



Test yourself

Did you know that chemical substances can enter your body all by themselves? There are three ways the chemical substances can penetrate the body: through the skin, through the mouth and through the nose. The skin is the body's largest organ, and can easily absorb substances into the body.
Try this little test:


Cut a clove of garlic and hold it between two fingers. After approximately 10 minutes you will get the taste of garlic in your mouth.

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