Chemicals List

In the list of chemicals below you can see which chemicals are included in the test regarding EN ISO 374. Not all chemicals are tested in every test, only those:

   Code Chemical  CAS no.  Category
   A  Methanol  67-56-1  Primary alcohol
   B  Acetone  67-64-1  Ketone
   C  Acetonitrile  75-05-8  Nitrile
   D  Dichloromethane  75-09-2  Chlorinated paraffin
   E  Carbon methane  75-15-0  Sulfur containing organic compound
   F  Toluene  108-88-3  Aromatic hydrocarbon
   G  Diethylamine  109-89-7  Amine
   H  Tetrahydrofuran  109-99-9  Heterocyclic and etheric compound
   I  Ethyl acetate  141-78-6  Estherd
   Y  n-Heptane  142-82-6  Saturated hydrocarbon
   K  Sodium hydroxide 40%  1310-73-2  Inorganic base
   L  Sulfuric acid 96%  7664-93-9  Inorganic mineral acid (oxidizing)
   M  Nitric acid 65%  7697-37-2  Organic mineral acid (oxidizing)
   N  Acetic acid 99%  64-19-7  Inorganic acid
   O  Ammonia 25%  1336-21-6  Inorganic base
   P  Hydrogen peroxide 30%  7722-84-1  peroxide
   S  Hydrofluoric acid 40%  7664-39-3  Inorganic mineral acid
   T  Formaldehyde 37%  50-00-0  Aldehyde
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