EN Standards for Fall Protection

EN 341

Lifting equipment for rescue use


EN 353-1

Sliding system with non-elastic anchor line


EN 353-2

Sliding system with flexible anchor line


EN 354

Line/support straps


EN 355

Fall arrester, energy absorber


EN 358

Support belt and positioning systems


EN 360

Automatic catchers (fall blocks)


EN 361



EN 362

Connection device (carabiner)


EN 363

Fall arrest systems


EN 364

Test methods for materials, components and systems associated with fall protection equipment.


EN 365

General requirements for instructions for use, maintenance, periodic inspection, repair, marking and packaging.


EN 566

Mountaineering Equipment – Slings


EN 795

Anchoring Equipment


EN 1496

Rescue Equipment – Lifting Devices (Evacuation Games)


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