Signage - what you should know


Good signage promotes safety. Signage is a simple form of communication. By means of information signs, warning signs, prohibition signs or safety signs.


No matter the type of signage, it is important that the message on the sign is easy to understand so it can be decoded in seconds. This is why pictograms, meaning simple symbols, are often used on signage.

Our signage is made from solid materials to withstand even the harshest winter, rain or heat wave.


OX-ON is your signage provider

Safety signs for the workplace, construction site, warehouse, etc. are used to inform, warn or show directions. The message on the sign must be decodable in seconds.

Follow these 7 tips for effective and appropriate signage:


  • Signs must be made from a sturdy material to withstand all weather conditions
  • The size, color and luminosity of a sign must make it easy to see and understand
  • Signs must be placed in a well-lit, accessible and conspicuous location
  • Signs must be placed at a height and in a manner appropriate to the viewing angle
  • If the natural light is inadequate, luminescent colors, reflective materials or artificial lighting must be used
  • Keep signs clean
  • Remove signs if they are no longer valid or relevant


Safety signs from OX-ON come in both plastic and foil and are available in the following shapes and sizes:

  • A4 = 210×297 mm
  • A5 = 148x210 mm
  • Square = 200x200 mm
  • Circular = Ø225 mm (diameter)
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