Cut-resistant gloves


When working with sharp objects or machines where there is a risk of cutting injuries, you should use cut resistance.


All OX-ON cut-resistant work gloves meet the requirements of EU standard EN388:2016 (protective gloves against mechanical risks). 

The glove's cut resistance - New and old test

EN388 was updated in 2016 with new requirements for how to test the cut resistance of a glove. The so-called TDM test was added – a more reliable test that reflects reality to a much greater extent than before.


Coup test

In the old test, called the Coup Test in EN388:2003, the numbers 1-5 indicate the glove's cut resistance, with the number 1 being the lowest factor and 5 highest factor.


TDM test

In the new TDM test, the glove's cut resistance appears as letters from A-F, where A is the lowest factor and F is the highest factor.


Insert graphic representation of the two tests - MISSING GRAPHICS, REVISE SETUP

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