ATG MaxiDry serie

ATG's MaxiDry is a special series of 5 gloves. MaxiDry gloves is all oil-repellent but still as flexible and comfortable as the popular MaxiFlex gloves.


Half Masks
Comfort set

OX-ON has three new half-masks in COMFORT class:
Construction P3, Painter A2/P3D and Chemical ABEK1P3D.

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Your Hands are
Your Best Tools
- Look After Them

Gloves help you to get a good solid grip on things, and thus can help to minimize the risk of tendon- and muscle injuries.

If your hands are some of the most important tools you use, it´s extremely important to find the right gloves, those that are suitable for the work you do and which suit your needs perfectly in terms of size, breathability, material and function.

The OX-ON product range covers everything from gloves that protect against mechanical risks, chemicals and microorganisms to thermal gloves, and those that protect against the cold. In addition, we have gloves that are approved for cleaning and handling of foodstuffs.

Get a Grip on Your Work!



Choose the Right


The choice of gloves depends largely on the scope of the job and the type of protection needed:

  • Wear and Tear
  • Chemicals
  • Slice and Cut
  • Heat or Cold