Types of ear protection

Your workplace must measure the noise level so you can choose the right ear protection.

Earplugs (loose)

Loose foam ear plugs are available in many different shapes and sizes. Most often they are used as disposable plugs. You must take care to position them correctly inside the ear so that they press against the ear canal for a snug fit to provide the greatest possible noise attenuation. Earplugs are affordable to purchase and the small size makes it easy for you to carry them in your pocket or bag.



Corded earplugs

Corded earplugs have the same properties as loose earplugs. The advantage is that you always have them together in pairs. You will also be able to drape the cord around your neck if you need to have the earplugs out of your ears for a short time while working.



Banded earplugs

Banded earplugs are lightweight, so you can wear them for longer. They can be worn downwards under your chin or around the back of your neck. You can quickly put on or take off banded earplugs or quickly slip the band to the back of your neck without making it awkward to turn your head. The earplugs are easily replaced if they become too worn or dirty.



Foldable ear protectors

Foldable ear protectors are handy when you're on the go and need ear protection that won't take up much room in your bag or luggage. 




Children's ear protection

Remember that children's ears also require hearing protection when noise levels are high. This could be the case at, for example, concerts, festivals, football stadiums or firework displays. Children's ear protectors can also be used in situations where children need to concentrate in noisy classrooms, a homework club or when reading books.



Passive hearing protection

The concept of passive hearing protection covers many different designs. It includes children's ear protectors, foldable ear protectors or ear protectors for helmet mounting. What all passive ear protectors have in common is that they are only intended to reduce noise. In other words, they have no additional features such as built-in radio, Bluetooth or speakerphone. 



Ear protection for helmet mounting

Helmet-mounted ear-muffs are often used at construction sites or in industrial companies. They are easy to install permanently on a safety helmet and can be folded up or down quickly while working. With these, you are sure that your ear protectors are always stored with the safety helmet.  



Electronic Ear Protectors (In-Ear)

Electronic In-Ear devices are used in the same way as regular earplugs, but besides attenuating noise they have other electronic features. These include Bluetooth, speaker phone and other features. They provide effective protection for your ears and are easy to carry in your pocket.



Ear protection with integrated Radio (FM/AM)

An ear protector should reduce noise, but there are also ear protectors that allow you to listen to the radio while you work. There are many variants: the radio can be analog or digital, there may be digital displays or a voice telling you what frequency you are on.



Ear protector with audio communication (Bluetooth)

Hearing protection with audio communication makes it possible to communicate with others while wearing ear protection. For example, you can get an ear protector with Bluetooth that allows you to stream a conversation from your smartphone. If the need for communication is particularly important, it is possible to get ear protection where you can communicate with several people at one time and on several different channels.


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