Risk categories

Products for personal protection are divided into three categories according to risk factor (EU Regulation 2016/425)


CATEGORY 1 – also called CAT I

Gloves used when there is a low risk. OX-ON must be able to ensure that the product meets the requirements for protective gloves in compliance with the EN 420 standard. 

CATEGORY 2 – also called CAT II

Gloves used when there is a medium risk. These gloves must be tested and type approved by an EU-approved test institute (OX-ON uses German Hansecontrol). The gloves must be labeled with the pictograms that show the protective function. For example, if the glove is designed for protection against mechanical risk, it must be provided with the pictogram for EN388 – supplemented with four digits + one letter below the pictogram. These numbers/letters show the test result for

  • Durability
  • Cut resistance (Coup test)
  • Tear resistance
  • Puncture resistance
  • Cut resistance (TDM test)


CATEGORY 3 – also called CAT III

Gloves used when there is a high risk, for example for extreme heat, cold or protection against hazardous chemicals.

In addition to testing, type-approval and certification requirements, there are strict requirements regarding ongoing quality control.

Use product search filtering here on the OX-ON website to get an overview of all CAT III certified gloves. 


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