Safety helmets - what you should know

Safety helmet – also called head protection - is a legal requirement when you are on a construction site or when working in a place at risk of being hit by falling elements. 


A safety helmet can protect against:

  • Shock

  • Pinching

  • Electric voltage

  • Heat radiation

  • Splashes of metal

There are different types of helmets:

  • Industrial safety helmets

    The purpose of an industrial safety helmet is to protect you from falling objects that can cause brain damage and skull fractures.

  • Bumpcap/Hardcap (hard work hats)

    A bumpcap must not be confused with a safety helmet as it does not provide protection against falling or moving objects. On the other hand, a bumpcap gives you protection from hitting your head against hard, stationary objects, so you avoid lacerations, wounds and other superficial lesions.

  • Climbing helmets

    This type of helmet is used primarily for mountaineering or climbing.

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