Certifications and symbols

Here you see the meaning of the individual pictograms, markings and symbols which are depicted on a glove.


Oeko-Tex Standard 100

Is a health label that ensures you buy a guaranteed "non-toxic" glove that does not contain any chemicals harmful to health or the environment.

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Chromium VI-free

The label indicates that the leather glove is not "chrome tanned" but "lanolin tanned" instead, where only vegetable oils are included in the tanning process. If you are allergic to chrome, you should always go for this symbol.

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REACH is the EU's basic chemicals legislation to ensure that chemicals are used properly with minimal risk to health and the environment.

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Hansecontrol is a large, recognized German chemical laboratory. In collaboration with Hansecontrol, OX-ON conducts extensive testing programs on an ongoing basis. The labeling ensures that the glove is thoroughly tested and approved by the German chemical laboratory.
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Skin Health Alliance (SHA)

Skin Health Alliance (SHA) is the leading international authority in the field of healthy skin, working closely with dermatologists, scientists and skin experts. The symbol is your assurance that the glove does not contain any dangerous substances that are harmful or dangerous to the skin.

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The marking represents extensive odor handling in textiles - that is, the glove's odor is kept to a minimum, thus keeping your gloves fresh longer. The sanitized hygiene function protects surfaces from the formation of, for example, fungi and algae, reduces dust mites and odors, and provides long-lasting material protection for polymers.

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Symbols on gloves


Waterproof glove

The glove protects 100% against water and moisture. Your hands remain dry in wet working conditions.


Water-resistant glove

The glove is water resistant and provides protection in humid working conditions and rainfall.

Cut-resistant glove

The gloves are tested for cut resistance and are suitable for work with pointed or sharp objects.


Winter glove

The gloves are winter gloves and are tested for contact cold and water resistance.


Food-approved glove

Gloves that are certified and approved for handling food are labeled with the "glass and fork pictogram". The glove's materials must not be able to affect food and thus cause a health risk.

User manual included

This symbol indicates that a printed user manual is included in the glove itself or in the glove packaging.

CE mark

The CE mark is the indication by the manufacturer or importer that a product complies with EU legislation.


OX-ON Junior

The mark indicates that the glove is a children's glove from the OX-ON Junior series. OX-ON produces gloves for children in the age groups of 4-6 years, 6-8 years and 8-10 years. We ensure that our children's gloves do not contain harmful chemicals or allergenic substances so that children can safely use them for light work in the garden, such as collecting leaves or seed sowing in a vegetable garden. OX-ON also produces other safety products for children, such as ear protection, safety vests and safety glasses.






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