EN standards

All personal protective equipment must be approved in accordance with EU Directive 2016/425.
In addition, a number of EN standards must be met in different use situations.

The list below specifies the most important and commonly used standards in the various areas.
OX-ON A/S helps you achieve compliance and stay safe.



EN 420 Covers the general requirements for work gloves
EN 388 Protective gloves against mechanical risks (cut-resistant gloves)
EN 374 Protective gloves against dangerous chemicals and micro-organisms (chemical gloves)
EN 407 Protective gloves against thermal risks (e.g. welding gloves)
EN 511 Protective gloves against cold (winter gloves)
EN 10819 Protective gloves against vibration (vibration gloves)
EN 12477 Welding gloves


EN 136 Full face masks
EN 140 Half masks
EN 14387 Gas filters and combined filters
EN 143 Particle filters
EN 12941 Powered filtering devices incorporating a helmet/hood
EN 12942 Respiratory protective devices with turbo unit
EN 149 Filtering face masks to protect against particles
EN 405 Filtering face masks to protect against gases/particles
EN 14594 Compressed air line hood/visor

Face and eye protection

EN 165 Eye protection
EN 166 Eye protection, requirements for protection
EN 167 Optical test methods for eye-protectors
EN 168 Non-optical test methods for eye-protectors
EN 169 Eye-protection, filters for welding
EN 170 Requirements for ultra-violet (UV) ray filters
EN 172 Eye protection incorporating sunglare filters for industrial use
EN 175 Eye and face protection when welding
EN 379 Eye protection with automatic welding filters with DIN glass

Personal protection against falls

EN 341 Fall arresters
EN 353-1 Guided type including a rigid anchor line
EN 353-2 Guided type including a flexible anchor line
EN 354 Lanyards/support straps
EN 355 Fall arrester, energy absorber
EN 358 Belts and lanyards for work positioning or restraint
EN 360 Retractable type of fall arresters (fall arrest blocks)
EN 361 Full body harnesses
EN 362 Connectors (carabiners)
EN 363 Fall arrest systems
EN 364 Testing methods
EN 365 Instructions for use and marking
EN 795 Anchor devices
EN 1496 Rescue lifting devices

Protective clothing

EN 943-1 - Type 1 Gas-tight – including in seams and zippers
EN 943-1 - Type 2 Gas-tight – providing positive pressure
EN 943-1 - Type 3 Gas-tight – including in seams – high pressure
EN 14605 - Type 4 Liquid-tight – including in seams – spray and splash
EN 13982-1/2 - Type 5 Dust particles – stitched seams
EN 13034 - Type 6 Liquid splatter-tight – stitched seams
EN 1073-2 - Type 7 Protective clothing against particulate radioactive contamination (not against radiation exposure)
EN 14126 - Type 8 Protective clothing against infectious particles
EN 1149-5 - Type 9 Electrostatic dissipative protective clothing


EN 397 Safety helmets
EN 812 Visiting helmets/safety caps


EN 352-1 Headband mounted earmuffs
EN 352-2 Earplugs
EN 352-3 Earmuffs attached to an industrial safety helmet
EN 352-4 Level-dependent earmuffs
EN 352-5 Active noise reduction earmuffs
EN 352-6 Earmuffs with electrical audio input

Knee guards

EN 14404 Knee guards
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