Eye protection - what you should know

If there is a risk of eye damage when performing your work, wear eye protection or safety goggles.


There are three types of eye protection:

Frame glasses

Regular safety glasses or goggles with lenses made of either impact-resistant polycarbonate or chemical-resistant acetate.

The color (tint) of the lenses is crucial when choosing goggles. Each tint has its protective function and is therefore of great importance.

  • Untinted - Used indoors and in normal outdoor lighting conditions.

  • Yellow - Used in difficult and dim lighting conditions. Contrast enhancing.

  • Gray - Used when sunlight protection is needed.

  • Mirror - Reduces the difference between light and dark areas and reduces sunglare.

  • Light blue - Used in difficult and dim lighting conditions. Contrast enhancing.


Goggles with a tight fit to the face. Goggles can be closed or ventilated.


Visors and face shields

Protect against splashes and particles, and heat and light during welding.


All OX-ON eye protection provides full UV protection and is both optically and mechanically tested.

Learn more about test methods for eye protection.

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