Work gloves - what you should know

Hands are your most important tool. Therefore, choose the right gloves for the work you need to do to ensure your hands are as safe as possible and avoid injury to the tendons and muscles. Work gloves are our core area and at OX-ON we sell more than 12 million pairs of gloves a year.


How to choose the right work glove in 3 steps:

1.) Always start by evaluating the task.

2.) What should your glove protect you against?

  • Wear and tear
  • Chemicals
  • Cutting
  • Water
  • High or low temperatures

3.) Next, you should consider the glove properties:

  • Does it give you a good solid grip?
  • Does it provide the perfect fit?
  • What about the breathability?
  • How high is the wear resistance?

With nearly 2000 glove item numbers, we offer a very wide range of hand protection.

All our work gloves are designed with your safety in mind!

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