The lifetime of your fall protection equipment


The recommended lifetime of fall protection equipment differs from manufacturer to manufacturer. Our manufacturers recommend that the equipment, which we commonly call the soft equipment (straps, arrester lines, lifelines, mini fall blocks with external arresters, etc.), has a maximum lifetime of 10 years from the date of production – provided that the statutory inspections are complied with and the equipment is approved.

For metal fall protection equipment (fall blocks and carabiners), there is no lifetime limitation. If approved at the annual inspection, the product can continue to be used regardless of age.


Care and maintenance

If fall protection equipment has been exposed to falls or other damaging effects, it must be taken out of use to assess whether it can be repaired or must be discarded. The fall protection equipment must also be cleaned according to the manufacturer's instructions.

It is recommended that fall protection equipment should be stored in a dark, dry and well-ventilated room.

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